Governance and Collaboration for a Content-Critical Age

Cloud-native content services to manage risk and fuel business growth

Content services without compromise

Data has never been more valuable, but it has also never carried more risk. In today’s environment, your content architecture needs to maximize both security and productivity at the same time. You can’t trade-off one at the expense of the other.

Powered by the industry’s most advanced content intelligence engine, Egnyte provides a simple, secure, and vendor-neutral foundation for managing enterprise content and collaboration across business applications and storage repositories. It enables a cohesive approach to content governance, privacy, compliance, and workflow automation through a turnkey, cloud-based solution.

Secure data at the source

Reduce the cost and complexity of cumbersome, bolt-on security solutions for your unstructured data assets. Egnyte secures data at the source with built-in threat detection for both insider and external threats. Enterprise-grade security controls include zero-day ransomware detection, unusual behavior detection, compromised account alerts, and monitoring of all sensitive content within files. Through Egnyte’s extended data governance architecture, customers can apply these controls to data in third-party data sources, on-prem and in the cloud.

Integrate across the enterprise

Build your enterprise content ecosystem on Egnyte’s trusted, secure, flexible platform which includes integrations with all the leading business and vertical-specific applications. Customers can build a secure foundation for enterprise content leveraging the Egnyte App Store, developer community, public API, classification API, and secondary repositories for data governance and classification.

Identify and classify data

Uncover and make sense of the data in your files and servers. With manual and automated meta-tagging, sensitive data pattern recognition, and custom classification rules, users get visibility into content to manage risk and make business decisions. Egnyte’s classification engine runs in the cloud, providing deep intelligence on the content of files — even if they reside on-prem. Egnyte’s extended governance architecture classifies files in SharePoint, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Windows File Server and more.

Collaborate and share

With the ability to sync files across different platforms, perform local caching, apply folder templates, and annotate and add comments, Egnyte gives users flexibility and options for sharing and working together on content. Built-in workflow capabilities and access available in cloud, hybrid, and on-premises help users be productive when working in different applications and data sources.

Support for regulatory compliance

With a growing body of data privacy regulations across the globe, protecting digital privacy has never been more important. A lack of visibility into unstructured data has quickly turned it into a compliance blindspot. The Egnyte Platform uses machine learning classification to identify regulated data deep inside so that companies can lay the groundwork for compliance from day one. Egnyte matches sensitive data to privacy laws in 50 global jurisdictions and offers user-friendly workflows to complete Data Subject Access Requests and breach reporting.

Manage data across its entire lifecycle

For too many companies and vendors, “keep everything” is the full extent of their data retention policy. The Egnyte platform uses machine learning to give you control over which kinds of data to keep and for how long. Customers can deploy legal hold, archival, automated retention, and defensible delete at the folder and policy levels in just a few clicks. Egnyte’s content intelligence engine runs behind the scenes to make sure custom schedules are enforced, freeing up storage space and providing peace of mind.